Monday, 6 December 2010


After the magic and the festivities of Christmas Day have ended, your family and friends may not be ready for the magic and the mood of Christmas to end. All the presents have been opened, and dinner has been eaten.
However, the excitement of the day lives on. In my family we often get together with all my in laws and have another Christmas day , the day after Here are some tips for organising the perfect After Christmas party with your family and friends. This is the time we exchange gifts with my in laws and sample some of the Christmas goodies.

Even though all the presents have been given, and dinner has been eaten you can still get together for an evening of spending time with your friends and family. we always did this the night of December 26 All of my parents' friends had children close to the same age as my siblings and me. After Christmas, many people want to party with their friends, but have simply grown tired of Christmas, Christmas music, and all things related to Christmas. This is what we've always referred to as the after party for Christmas. During the after party, you can wear your new outfit you got for Christmas, including any new jewelry and perfume. During the after Christmas party you're still enjoying the spirit of the season by spending time with your friends and family and showing off your new Christmas gifts, and exchanging new gifts with the family we didnt see on Christmas day. We dont normally have another Christmas dinner , just lots of other lovely food, games and drinks
you can still enjoy the magic of Christmas by spending time with family and friends. If however you have seen all the family on Chrismas day, you are still able to have another party with all your friends and family with out exchanging presents.I hope that you will use these suggestions to help make the mood and the magic of Christmas last well beyond Christmas Day.

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